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Email Strategy Study Group

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The Database Marketing Institute

Join us for a two-day competitive Email Strategy Study Group designed for marketing managers and senior executives responsible for their email and social marketing program marketing strategies.

From this hands-on competitive strategy seminar you can double your revenue from emails by learning how to:


  • Boost open, click and conversion rates
  • Get the most benefit from transactions, triggers and abandoned shopping carts
  • Double the number of email subscribers
  • Compute subscriber lifetime value and use it to increase you marketing budget
  • Use ratings and reviews
  • Optimize email in both B2B and B2C environments

Participants will learn to create a plan by using 28 proven tactics to attain an annual acquisition goal of email subscribers. By using the plan, you will learn how many subscribers you can generate per tactic, what budget you’ll need to accomplish your goal, and how much profit you should expect. We’ve seen results that show spending $120,000 can bring in $10 million in profit from newly acquired subscribers!

Registration is limited! We can only accept 49 participants.

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About Arthur

Arthur Middleton Hughes has published over 200 articles on Database and E-mail Marketing. Click Here to read them.

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Strategic Database Marketing 4th Edition: from Arthur Hughes.

To take the quizes from this book click here.



Successful E-mail Marketing Strategies: from Hunting to Farming (RACOM 2009) by Arthur Middleton Hughes and Arthur Sweetser.

This new book takes readers through a step by step approach to implementing database marketing essentials to improve e-mails marketing returns intelligently. This is the book that the trade press has been raving about.

The two Arthurs make it easy to see the difference between primitive “Hunting” and customer-centric “Farming”. This is a game-changing attitudinal shift. If you want your e-mail marketing to succeed, learn how to farm.—Stephanie Miller, VP Return Path Click here to download free the exhibits from this new book.

Strategic Database Marketing: from Arthur Hughes.





Customer Churn Reduction and Retention for Telecoms: Models for All Marketers: from Arthur Middleton Hughes.

Arthur Middleton Hughes has just published a new book of Marketing Strategy for Telecoms including Landline and Wireless Telcos, Cable TV, Satellite TV, BPL, IPTV, VoIP and WiMAX.

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